Doing Digital Right In Search of the Right Mindset, the Right Technology and the Right People

Digitalization is today what electrification was in the early 1900s and, as such, it is changing the corporate landscape. In many industries, strategy has almost become synonymous with technology and the issue of how to best use the latest technical developments to create new business models.

According to Bain & Company’s most recent “Digital Insights” survey of more than 1,200 senior executives, 54% of respondents predict digital will have a significant impact on their industry over the coming 5 years. As entire sectors reshape and corporations change, many will struggle, write the consultants. Only 12% of all corporate transformation projects achieve their targets and true digital transformations are even more challenging. 

Going digital is more than just a technical challenge and therefore people with both outstanding leadership and technological skills are highly sought after. Most corporate cultures though are geared towards self-preservation rather than transformation, particularly as many executives still believe solving the “digital issue” merely consists of offering customers the opportunity to shop online.

Talents with the proper vision and far-sightedness are in short supply. The latest “Digital IQ” analysis conducted by PwC claims that the talent gap is one of the major issues companies face when trying to profit from new technology.  Finding and hiring the right people is therefore crucial, particularly as low unemployment, changing demographics and workplace environments perpetuate the lack of skilled workers in the digital field.

Many headhunters approach the market in a rather superficial way and contact all kinds of digital natives with the goal of stocking up their database. Digital Future take a different methodology by combing relevant blogs, social media and industry-specific events on a daily basis to be present within the community and approach candidates at eye-level.

The team surrounding founders Lucas Bechtle and Nikolas Hoche has a more selective approach. They survey each CV individually and contact potential candidates only if their background fits the actual job description. In a subsequent step, Digital Future conducts a personal interview to evaluate personal and technical skills as well as competencies, and to find out more about the potential candidate's career aspirations. 

This strategy has provided Digital Future with an active network in record time. The candidates are happy to remain in touch with their Digital Future consultants and tend to recommend the firm to their friends, colleagues and personal contacts. Digital Future was named “Headhunter of the Year” as “Best Newcomer” in 2018 and in the category “Innovation” in 2019.

Managing Partner Lucas Bechtle heads the high-level tech recruiting and executive search practice at Digital Future. He previously worked for several HR consultancies at all levels, from traditional executive search firms to small recruiting start-ups. His interest in digital transformation and his passion for networking led to the foundation of Digital Future.

Managing Partner Nikolas Hoche is a renowned expert with in-depth technical knowledge in the field of IT. He is an experienced executive search consultant with an active candidate network in the CDO environment and the digital sector.

Heiner Thorborg, shareholder and chairman of Digital Future's advisory board, brings 40 years of experience in executive search to the table. “Digital is so much more than an online shop or putting '.com' at the end of your company name”, he says. “It means having the right mindset, the right technology and the right people throughout the organization.” Thorborg's experience, his extensive network throughout Germany and around the world, and his passion for innovation in combination with the enthusiasm and novel approach of Digital Future's founders serve to ensure sustainable success.


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